Saturday, May 25, 2013

Modeling! Blue Fire Men's Leather Wrap Onyx and Blue Tiger Eye Necklace Choker

I was asked last week about lending a piece to a model shoot, a male choker/short necklace piece in dark colors. The photographer sent me a picture ahead of time of the model so I could get an idea of their physique and type. So, I thought a bit and this is what I made:

Blue Fire

Men's choker with 6mm onyx and blue tiger eye stones on black leather, closed off with a hook in the back:

I got my husband to model it for me real quick so I could figure out the space needed between neck measurement and necklace size, just so the choker doesn't actually, you know, choke someone!

And it was off in the mail within 2 days, reaching the shoot in time for the model to use it during the session:

I must admit, he makes it look awfully good!

Many thanks to Peter Blake at The Authentic Image for the photo and Victor for modeling!