We have been slowly rolling out a special line of Baltic Amber bracelets and necklaces for children to adults.

Used for thousands of years in Europe and Asia, amber, a resin, is high in succinic acid, a natural analgesic. When the beads warm up against the skin, the oils are released into the skin, carrying the analgesic into the body to help relieve pain.

As with any product, children should be supervised during use. If you choose a necklace for your child, it should be removed at night and wrapped around the ankle, secured with a sock. Necklaces should be worn against the skin 24/7 for the greatest benefit to the body.

Presently supplies are limited.

The most affordable option is the baroque chip style, stones are not a uniform size or shape or coloring, but fall into a general size and color category. We have small dark cherry baroque chips, medium caramel chips and large honey chips available. Up to 13" necklaces made from these cost 1,800 yen (approx. $22.00) (a single wrap bracelet would be 1,200 yen).

The next option is 4mm round stones which are uniformly shaped, sized and colored. These are about 2,600 yen for up to 13", additional inches will require about $1/inch. A single bracelet size of this up to 7" would be 1,800 yen. There are also 4mm round faceted beads which are 3,000 yen for up to 13".

The most expensive option is for 6mm round stones that are uniformly shaped, sized and colored. These are about 4,700 yen for up to 13" necklaces. For a single bracelet up to 7" in this will cost about 2,600 yen.

For children's pieces, each stone is double knotted onto a strong cord that has been put through a stress test and will be quite impossible for a small child to snap. Since each stone is double knotted, even if it does somehow break apart, only one stone would come off the strand rather than all the stones. Children's pieces are closed off with an amber screw clap.

Adult pieces can be made in the same style, or made with a simpler and easier to get on/take off clasp and can be made as leather-wraps or a single strand with no knotting. The prices will vary for these options.

3 styles of children's necklaces:
small dark cherry beads
medium caramel beads
light honey beads

faceted 4mm beads
3,000 yen

6mm round stones, 2 colors available

medium caramel beads

Adult Pain relief bracelet

And of course we need some cute babies sporting their bling!
Here's one ready for bed, with the necklace on their ankle for safety:

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