Monday, December 31, 2012

Year of Snake Charms

They are done, they are available, they are limited!
Choose your charm, choose your amulet, and you're set to go!
1,800 yen ($21.60) while supplies last!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Year of the Snake

2013 - Year of the Snake according to the Chinese Zodiac. And not just the snake, but this year will be the Water Snake!

In short, snakes are:
-- keen and cunning
-- intelligent and wise
-- materialistic and good at business
-- graceful, exciting and not easily flustered

A fantastic article with a good overview of the Snake's personality, habits and tendencies can be found here:

Year of the Snake

And if you were born in 1953, then this is your lucky year!
Other snake years include:
-- 1941
-- 1965
-- 1977
-- 1989
-- 2001

The water snake is:

Influential and insightful, who manage others well, tend to be good for organizations to utilize as staff. Motivated and intellectual, very determined and resolute about success. They will have what they desire, despite the conclusion or outcome they generate because it is worth it to them to not only be recognized for their efforts, but to be rewarded as well. They are affectionate with their families and friends but do not show this side of their personality to colleagues or business partners.

Great plans to make some Year of the Snake charms using these porcelain snakes and auspicious stones  to herald in the luck of the snake in 2013!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Several custom requests involving red coral these past couple of weeks has made me curious to know more about this deep red stone.

Of all my red stones, this is the truest real red! Collected from the skeletal remains of small sea creature called coral polyps, therefore coral is an organic substance and sensitive to both heat and acid.

Red coral is the most prized of the corals, and Greek legend claims that it was formed when drops of blood from Medusa's head splashed into the sea and solidified into coral after it was chopped off by Perseus.

I must admit I don't know how the coral I am presently using is collected, but after researching more about it, I am determined to check the source and ensure that future purchases of this lovely red stone are from a non-invasive collection of coral that has already been detached from the source, therefore not endangering the supply in the ocean.

Main sources for red coral are Japan and the Philippines.

Friday, December 14, 2012

O Christmas Tree...

I know, everyone who has made any type of anything with a Christmas tree uses that line...but how could I resist! Wire wrapped Christmas trees topped by a star, not too flashy, not too dull, perfect for the holiday look!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Etsy Mini

Little late to the game, but just learned how to use the Etsy Mini function, nice!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dreamcatcher Ornament

Unique, beautiful, powerful! Agate slabs wire wrapped and accented with a prehnite stone, a carnelian star stone, and other smaller stones makes a lovely Christmas tree decoration...perfect to use in your house after Christmas is done. Agate- protective and powerful, carnelian- energizing and prehnite- anti-depression amulet!
Vist my etsy shop to reserve and create your own dreamcatcher ornament!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pieces of Heaven

I love these meteorite stones, little pieces of heaven, like that song...Catch a Falling Star... Maybe I'll name this new piece Falling Star. Specially designed for my husband's birthday present from his family, featuring a single meteorite in the center surrounded by powerful and bold colors...fog quartz, larvikite, rainbow obsidian, crystal, dragon agate and onyx. Can't wait to see it on him!