Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Father's Day!

Father's Day is just around the corner! Time to start planning something special for all those important men in our lives! Husbands, dads, grandfathers (even brothers?)

Here's a few men's pieces I've designed over the past few months, priced between about $27 and $45. All pieces can be customized to size and color or stone preferences, all pieces sent in a gift bag with a list of stones used.

Why give your dad a bracelet though?? Aren't bracelets kind of...girlie?

Not anymore! More and more men are looking for jewelry designed with the male image in mind, and amazingly, approximately half of my sales have been for men, either by their partner as a gift, or directly by men themselves. (Every time I make a new men's piece, my husband tries to beg it from me, LOL! I know what he's getting for Father's Day!)

Necklace, choker or bracelet!
 Hematite base, orange carnelian and white jade with a dragon charm in the center.

Five single wrap bracelets!
Hematite base with various special gemstones.

Double wrap bracelet with lovely clock-face button:
Hematite and onyx base, moonstone with snowflake obsidian in the center.

Single wrap bracelet:
6mm stones; onyx, hematite, crystal, lapis lazuli, botswanian agate

Double wrap bracelet:
onyx and hematite base, crystal with a fire agate in the center.

Single wrap bracelet:
hematite base with silver-toned metal buttons and a pyrite quartz stone in the center.

Single wrap bracelet: 
hematite base with green malachite and purple amethyst

Choker, necklace or bracelet:
hematite base, crystal with 2 tigers eye in the center

same as above necklace, just stacked for bracelet

Single wrap bracelet:
green spider jasper and opaque aragonite

Single wrap bracelet:
Pyrite base, mother of pearl and a green peridot center, done on tan leather

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