Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gnomes in the Garden!

When I was a wee lass, 11 or 12, my Aunt gave me a book about gomes, full of color, drawing, facts and stories. I treasured that book for years, but got parted from it when we moved away from the States. Visiting my family years later, I discovered that the book had managed to stay close to our family, sitting on the shelves of my sister's collection. I left it there for future nieces and nephews to enjoy, though once in awhile I wish I had dragged it across the world with me to a new home.

Recently I'm rediscovering a love for these little grumpy creatures. Colorful, cute, funny, hard-working, mysterious little woodland beings, I wish I had a few living in my yard!

This morning I put together a small treasury of Gnomes in the Garden on Etsy, a sweet little collection of little gnome people to brighten up the day!

Gnomes in the Garden

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