Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stacked Tree - Martha Stewart Style!

Off on a Whim dedicated a few hours (or more) to making this fun newspaper stacked tree.

Admittedly, mine didn't turn out quite as grand as the master's, but it'll do!

I took a few photos along the way, and honestly, this was a pretty fun project to do, esp since my lovely FB family got involved with ideas, suggestions, comments and overall lots of laughs!
So, here's the process I took to make my own version of the Stacked Tree Martha Stewart Style!

Clay was air dry and not baked, since none of my clay packages come in English and I worried about messing it up...
Clay: 350 yen ($4)

Found an affordable bottle of spray glue and white fairy glitter, some bamboo skewers (next time I'll use bamboo knitting needles! We snapped one skewer...) 
450 yen ($5.50)

When it dawned on me I was going to have to cut about 500 or more squares, I scaled the project down to 4" - 3.5" - 3" - 2.5" - 2" - 1.5" squares, about 44 of each. No guillotine cutter for me, so I pulled out the quilt cutting supplies!
(had to pay the newspaper bill that day...3,000 yen!)

Squares all ready in piles for folding and skewering!

I searched, I really did search...for a bone knife! But, after a day dedicated to looking in 3 shops, including a 100-yen shop, decided to use my wooden fabric iron, it did the trick! 

Bone knifed them in piles of about 10...

...and skewered them to the stick!

After adding glitter, I was stuck about the topper. I don't really care for settled on an organza ribbon bow...which works for me! Mine turned out a little 'squatter' than Grand Master Martha's, but heck, at least it looks close enough! Next time I'll do it with the full 50 squares of each size, and perhaps it will be perfection! But nothing ever beats the first result of a new project!

Total hours spent (including shopping??) --  2 days or so?
Total cost: less than 1,000 yen, and I can probably make about 50 trees (would need more glitter though.)

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