Sunday, December 23, 2012

Several custom requests involving red coral these past couple of weeks has made me curious to know more about this deep red stone.

Of all my red stones, this is the truest real red! Collected from the skeletal remains of small sea creature called coral polyps, therefore coral is an organic substance and sensitive to both heat and acid.

Red coral is the most prized of the corals, and Greek legend claims that it was formed when drops of blood from Medusa's head splashed into the sea and solidified into coral after it was chopped off by Perseus.

I must admit I don't know how the coral I am presently using is collected, but after researching more about it, I am determined to check the source and ensure that future purchases of this lovely red stone are from a non-invasive collection of coral that has already been detached from the source, therefore not endangering the supply in the ocean.

Main sources for red coral are Japan and the Philippines.

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