Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twitter Charms

Most of my work is by commission, and I love it! Working with customers to figure out a pattern, color theme, stones to use, it's a fun part of the creative process.

I was recently asked to create a set of chokers for 4 sisters with onyx bases and using the Twitter Charm. The birds were included as a symbol of the sisters, and each choker had one raw emerald stone worked into it in memory of their mother. Each charm itself contained a faceted onyx stone, a howlite, and one accent stone chosen by the sister who would wear it. We ended with an orange carnelian, pale blue lace agate, magenta tiger eye and purple amethyst. I made each choker with a double closure in case they chose to wear it as a bracelet, and of course, the 'W' tag is on each one!

I have to say, these really were a fun set to work on creating!

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