Friday, July 12, 2013

Birthday Parties!

Once in awhile Off on a Whim takes a break for stuff like birthday parties!

Last night some of my besties came over with food, drinks, presents and party spirit, ready to celebrate my friend's son's 8th birthday...and...since half the crew were absent for my birthday, I got a bit of cake too!

Parties are always funner with lots of good food...

... and lots of good drinks! ... Like, mojitos, or pina coladas, or something with rum in it!

And of course birthday parties for little boys need special birthday cakes!

And Little Boys need time to play!

But I made the mistake of giving them a can of spray string ... never again!

And as always, Little Boys are fascinated by things with wheels!

And I lucked out with a few more birthday presents :)

Thank you my lovely friends for making me feel special.. again! You guys never fail!

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