Sunday, September 1, 2013

Superman: Man of Steel -- A Biased Review

By Erinn from Off on a Whim: part-time teacher, part-time jewelry designer, full-time mother

Be warned! There may be spoilers.

I told my dad, if he wanted to get an honest review of Superman: Man of Steel, he'd better not ask me, cause I'm biased and will have nothing bad to say about it.

But, the truth is, I really loved the movie. I thought they did a good job. 

Before going to see it, I was worried about a few things: 

  • The re-telling of the story, messing up the storyline from past versions, and who wants to sit through ANOTHER re-telling??
  • Henry Cavil as Superman? Christopher Reeve can never be replaced, Brandon Routh did a very good job, Tom Welling pulled it off as well, and don't forget Dean Cain, why introduce another new face??

And I was under the impression that he reveals himself as both Clark Kent AND Superman to the world, which would be a major story change from the original, I wasn't too keen on it. But this turned out to be my own misunderstanding of the movie's story line. 

I was very happily surprised that:

  • The re-telling of the story didn't focus too much on the re-telling, but it was woven into the movie through memories.
  • Henry Cavil as Superman totally rocks. The looks, the size, the muscle, the hair...yah, I can go with it. Christopher R. will always be the best, but Henry Cavil, very good! 
  • I loved that there was more in-depth and plausible explanations for Krypton's destruction, for Zod's incarceration, and why he comes to find Cal-El.
  • Russel Crowe as Jor-el! Really cool! And Kevin Costner as Jonathan, loved it! 

  • While my brother begs to differ, I loved Amy Adams as Lois. So she isn't totally HOT, or she wasn't portrayed that way, I loved it cause why does every female lead have to be hot? Superman still fell for her, as he always does, as he always will, and she is down to earth, normal, intense reporter strong woman. 

  • People have complained about the destruction in the movie. So yes, there was a lot of destruction, but what else are you going to get when super heroes and super villains are fighting it out in a congested city full of glass buildings?? I like my superhero movies full of great fights and stuff getting destroyed, and I'm mature enough to realize this really only happens in a movie.
  • General Zod: I actually really liked him as the villain. And his crew, they were believable, they were bad, they were evil. Very good. 

My dad asked me what my favorite scene in the movie was, and while he was sure it would be when Clark comes out of the ocean half undressed and in search of some clothing... it was actually the scene when Superman attacks the evil Kryptonian in full anger and rage for daring to lift a hand against his mom, and he's yelling something along the lines of 'Don't f**k with my Mom!' Yeh, as a mom, I really get it! Sons going to your defense and all that, totally cool!

So, no, I have no regrets about spending $60 plus gas plus snacks plus parking to see the movie, and when it hits DVD, it shall be on its way to my house! 

PS. Did anyone catch the Lexcorp trucks??

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