Saturday, October 27, 2012


I had a chance to use bloodstone for the first time last week. One of the pieces I was commissioned to create used a New Jade base (from what I understand, this is a Chinese jade, in a natural and undyed state, not as costly as Burmese Jade, but pretty in its own right), with accents of crystal and mother of pearl. As I was creating the bracelet, it felt like a small touch of dark green would work well to balance the colors, so threw in a single bloodstone between each pattern set.

The customer loved it (and so did a lot of other people!) fortunately.

Knowing relatively nothing about bloodstone, I took a bit of time to research it, discovering the name comes from the belief that it was formed from the blood of Christ dripping to the green earth, and indeed, the stone does look like a dark piece of green earth with specks of red blood in it. But the earlier  Greeks called it heliotrope, and believed it brought about change. For ages it has been used as an amulet of protection against the evil eye and symbol for justice.

It has its healing properties as well, circulation of energy, aligning the centers of the body, aiding blood circulation, and people who want to increase the flow of life energy in the house should place some stones in various places around their home.

Mined in India, China, the US, Australia and Brazil.

This triple wrap bracelet will soon be available at Off on a Whim Jewelry. I've named it:

Forest Frost

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