Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween in Japan!

Japan doesn't really do Halloween...at least...not yet anyway! But that really hasn't stopped me from trying to stir my neighborhoods up into an evening of fun! 

After about a month of planning out a Trick or Treat Event, we finally carry out the plan! The Weather God was good to us, gave us the perfect evening, thunder and lightning all around our hills, very very slight drizzle, but nothing near chilly or miserable as was last year's weather (and yes, that image was captured by my daughter on my point and shoot camera!) --

Approximately 60 kids showed up dressed in costume (well, most of them anyway!), this year's favorite costume being The Witch in many various degrees of color, coolness, blandness, glitter, cuteness and well, mostly cuteness...

But my Little Man and I decided to be unique! Angry Bird and Day of the Dead! Amazing what a bit of lipstick and eyeliner can do!

And one of our local British kids joined our more unique costume trend--

After a short gathering at the neighborhood park to practice 'Trick or Treat' with the kids, go over a few guidelines like good manners---and yeh, good manners was the main guideline!-- the kids divided into five groups headed by one of the American Halloween Party Committee members--

And off they were to collect enough snacks to last them a few days! We have some awesome neighbors, at least 40 houses, maybe more, gave out candy to noisy, spirited, excited children! All in all, it was a success! 

Until next year! A few shots of dressed up little guys for your enjoyment---

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