Saturday, January 12, 2013

Red Light Paper Piecing

I drive, a lot, every week, on crowded streets with lots of red lights, some of them a minute long, or so it feels!

So, besides an awesome audio book to keep me company, and so I don't break any traffic laws playing on my iPad while driving, I do....

Paper Piecing!

I keep a small pouch in the car with my scraps and my pieces, scissors, needle and thread, and whenever I come to a red light, out the piece comes and I whip it together! I can usually get at least half the piece done at a light, and with 1.5 hours of red lights, that's a lot of piecing!!

So, here is my very first Red Light Paper Piecing Project! The fabric was pulled out of my mom's scrap basket when I visited 3 years ago and carted across the ocean, the pieces were purchased locally, the hand stitching uses leftover DMC cross-stitch thread, and voila!

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