Thursday, January 17, 2013

Visiting Downtown

I manage to get down to the Osaka wholesale district once a month or so to check out stones, cabachons, findings, anything interesting! It's a whole-day event, starting at Hommachi Station and walking 3 stations down to Namba. So many distractions, shops to spend money at, people to stare at, food to eat. There's a Burger King now, Hard Rock Cafe, Kit Kat store, 3-story Daiso (100-yen shop), amongst others...

This trip I was out looking specifically for cherry quartz, onyx and magenta tiger eye, which I managed to find. Also on the list was white agate, which I didn't find anywhere, and haven't for a long time... I also wanted some cabachons and tumbled stones for pendant making, and found a lovely raw emerald stone, small amethyst and nice sized malachite!

Twas a very fun yet exhausting day!

Tumbled emerald, amethyst teardrop, malachite oval

Crystal and turquoise tumbled rocks

Watermelon Tourmaline teardrops 

Faceted cuts: Pyrite, silver leaf jasper, crystal, onyx, hematite, red jade, indian aventurine

Crystal: rainbow rutilated (right), rainbow mix (left)

Faceted 4mm crystals

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I probably wouldn't get past the 3 story Daiso... haha ;)
    Love all the stones, they are so pretty!