Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse?

Too much Walking Dead maybe?
The color suits my complexion and gives great coverage, as well as being a camouflage, just in case, you know, any zombies decide to come sniffing around. The mint scent might put them off too, or at least mask my living human blood scent.

But in all seriousness, I got an awesome Lush mask from my baby sister for my birthday, very minty, very refreshing. I normally run away from Lush stores, you can smell them half a block away, and with a sensitive nose and stomach, I avoid them at all costs. But this mask is perfect, the smell isn't so overwhelming that it overpowers every thought in my mind.

And of course, I had to model off my latest Off on a Whim creation:
Angel, Grief and Support Loss Bracelet

Available now in my Etsy Shop for $23.00. Blog readers can use this code for free shipping on this item:


Anyway, my skin feels much cleaner, smoother, and refreshed. Too bad the mask needs to be used up by September, cause I was thinking it might work well for Halloween makeup!

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